How This Got Started

   Late last March a friend of mine called me and asked me how I doing. I was doing great and told her so, not content with my answer she started to pick and pry, mining the conversation for nuggets of negativity that she could commiserate  with me about. I gave her credit for being well meaning but when she didn't stop until she found something that upset me I had to be honest about how negative she really was and the toll it was taking. Enough was enough, Spring Break was about to start and I decided almost on a whim to go on a 90 Day No Negativity Challenge. I thought I'd take a short break from all the negativity but I got a little more than I bargained for. 
Shortly after I started the challenge I realized that I would never eliminate negativity in the world. The problem wasn't events that I called negative. The problem was my reaction. It occurred to me that the best thing I could do was figure out what it was about myself that made me react to situations the way I did. I began taking an honest, unflinching inventory of myself and my life.  That's when the real challenge started. 
 I struggled often and during one of those times a friend told me that she didn't think  I realized that I was engaged in deep soulful work that took strength and commitment. It also took the support of a wonderful group of women  at Vibrant Nation, an online community for women over fifty. I kept a daily journal  there which is indexed here, Vibrant Nation Index
I was very,very lucky to take this journey with the women at Vibrant Nation. It made all the difference.  Two of them, Old Blonde and NanaCatherine, were angels.  I am deeply grateful for their support. 
 You can read the original journal under the tab, 90 Days To Freedom. I hope you consider taking your own challenge to remove negativity from your life and seeing for yourself what a difference it makes.