Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning to Listen

     I took my television to the curb today.  I couldn’t resist the impulse any longer. Sometimes these urges just hit me, bam! Then I’m off and running. I don’t always understand the hot pokes that I get, however I do trust them. It’s called faith, blind faith to be sure.  You would think that they would steer me towards some profound, deep meaning of life and sometimes they do. Mostly though they point the way in the ordinary tasks that make up my life, which might be same thing and I just too dumb to know it.  I do know that my life is better when I pay attention to the silence. I listen to the urge to make an extra box of cookies and a neighbor drops by. I follow the impulse to call a friend and it turns out she needs a ride that I can give her.  I jump off the couch and run to a jam at the last minute and have a blast. Never underestimate the value of a good time. It’s the secret to my success.
     The little nudges that come my way are my soul’s answer to what next, usually before I’m even aware it needs to be asked. They shepherd me toward choices that empower and enrich my life, like going on a 90 Day No Negativity Challenge.  Call it what you like, inspiration, dancing with the wind, going with the flow.  Truthfully, they don’t always make sense to anyone, least of all me.  That’s when I know for sure that I am in the embrace of the Divine.  Following those nudges is one of the reasons people I work with think I’m a little odd. I zig when they zag and offer no rhyme or reason for it. How do you explain reality? Not what passes for real, but what is real, what can’t be seen but only known through the light that is your own.
    There’s something to be said for being willing to ride the rhythm of the moment and trusting it.  I've given up resisting because resistance is futile, futile and a waste of time. I’ve let go of trying to impose my will on the world and my life and learned to listen instead. I listen to the whispers of Spirit that come my way and have faith in the unfolding of my life and the light that is my own. Why that doesn’t involve TV and TMZ I do not know.  I just know to listen. 

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