Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are You Creating Love in Your World?

People tease me about my aversion to drummers. They think I’m joking, trust me I’m not. One was more than most women experience and three were just waay too many. All I can say for myself is that some of us have forgotten what love looks like. That’s part of the problem and in my case accounts for the drummers I’ve known. It took me a while to learn what love looked like. I will say this for the experiences; they turned me on to some really good music. It’s nobody’s fault that there wasn’t much love when I was growing up. Life happens that way sometimes. I knew the love was always there though and I just kept moving toward the light. There’s a lot of light in my world these days and I hope I’m creating more of it. That’s my intention.

What am I creating in the world? Am I creating what loves me back? Where do I create love for myself and the world? These are the questions I find myself asking these days. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I create love by being in community with people who are compassionate and respectful with everyone more often then they aren’t. Hey, I get it. We’re human beings. We are flawed and messy and deeply, deeply loved. Let’s try and remember that once in a while, shall we? I create love by doing things that help me express the aspects of love like respect, compassion and loving kindness. I create love by doing things for the fun of it, like paddling and singing. I create love by being in nature in whatever form I can get it in and remembering my place it. Where are you creating love? What loves you back? I’m curious about it because there are lots of different ways that Loves shows her face. It’s interesting to look for the face of God in the world.

I like creating love because when I’m loved I can take risks and can be myself. Doesn't that sound like a nice way to live? That’s me with the red kayak mailbox dancing around the living room with the blinds wide open and the music blasting. What can I say, it loves me back. We are here for Love’s holy sake. We are here to love all of humanity because it is all a Holy creation. Look at what loves you back in your life. Look where your spirit feels safe, where you feel loved, uplifted and confident in the path your spirit is on. Do more of that, lots and lots more.



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Sweet Assassin said...

Thank you. I will repost on my blog... We all need to be reminded.