Monday, December 19, 2011

Roots, The Traditions of the Season

 Joe is a wise man and a nice guy who has the knack for saying just the right thing.   A few weeks ago he told me that to blossom we need roots.   I have always thought of myself as a little rootless and his comment made me ponder what that meant and if it was really true. When I took a look around I realized that I had actually put down very deep roots without knowing that’s what I was doing.  That’s a good thing because Joe's right. We need roots and traditions and rituals are roots that ground us to the deepest part of ourselves and give voice to our soul. When we participate in traditions we are reminded that we are loved and that we belong.  Traditions connect us to community and give our lives richness.  Traditions are also living things that need to change and evolve for them to continue to be meaningful. There are some traditions that are better left behind and new ones that need to be created depending on the season of your life.

Being single means I am free to create rituals and holiday traditions that reflect my spiritual life and its needs. It’s easier for me to find my emotional and spiritual balance because I’m not driven by the shoulds and musts of the world. Revel says it’s really because I’m spoiled and am living the life.  He has a point,but it’s my life and I want to make it glorious.  A few years ago I stopped putting up a tree because I don’t have kids, hate the process and don’t have a good place for it. I do, however like the tradition of putting evergreens in my home and create small altars around my home filled with evergreens and candles.  So, here I am, surrounded by altars dedicated to this, the most holy of seasons when we are reminded of the power of love in our lives and the world. This season of love in action is the time we give free reign to our souls. Our hearts soften and deepen with love, reminding us that we are spiritual beings first whose purpose is to love each other.

Because I don’t have kids or a family it would be easy to skip the whole Christmas experience. I would be missing something vital if I did that though. When I take the time to participate in traditions I open my heart and life up to something greater than myself.   I celebrate Christmas because I am a Christian. I participate in the traditions of the season because I am a human being, but that’s not all I am.  I am a deeply loved child of God whose birthright it is to love and be loved.  Dale Evans said, “Christmas is love in action, my child. Every time we love, every time we give its Christmas.”   Here’s to Christmas now and throughout the year to come. Merry Christmas everyone.


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