Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who Could You Be?

Who could you be if you didn't think you knew who you were?  We think we know what our lives should be like or not like, who we are and how we should be and how others should be. We treat our opinions like gospel that we defend to the death and damn ourselves and each other to hell with the certainty of our ignorance.   Isn't it time we stopped? Isn't it time we stopped putting ourselves in a box?  For that matter, isn't it time we stopped putting God in a box? Isn't it time we started listening to our quiet inner wisdom of instead of looking outside ourselves for answers, validations, and reassurance of our worth.  Maybe that’s the problem. Our inner wisdom is quiet. The world is very loud.  What would we hear if we listened to the silence?

We have to be willing to live beyond the limits we impose on ourselves in the name of religion, getting along, or being nice and be the person God intended us to be. To be anything less is a lie. Who could you be if you stopped thinking you had all the answers about who you are and what your life should be like? What books would you write, what songs would you sing, what roads would you travel if you stopped thinking you knew everything about who you are?  And who you're not. What master piece would you produce, what great love would spring from your heart into the world if you weren't afraid of being wrong about who you are?  What great creation could your life be if you didn't think you knew who you were? It’s either fear or love, baby. How are you living your life?




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