Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Different Kind of Do List

Work hard and play harder has always been a good motto for me. Finding that balance? That's a whole different story.  This week there were three, yes three post it notes with lists on my computer. There was a list of things I needed to do for work, a list of notes for a book I'm writing on classroom management and a list of things I needed to do to keep my life running. That's not even the crazy part. The crazy part was how I acted when I inadvertently threw away a list. Let me just say that crazy is not a good look for me.

I like my life. I like everything and everyone in it. Not everyone can say that and it's taken me fifty odd years and change to reach that point. The problem is that I have more life than time. It doesn't matter how much time I have I fill it up. Hence the sticky notes that litter my desk.  There was one big and very important thing missing from all the lists

I was so busy doing that I didn't have time for being. I forgot time for fun. Then a young woman crossed my path at a bluegrass jam I go to.  She was just wild to the bone...much like I used to be.  Watching her made me miss that part of me, not the wild part as much as the what the hell let's have a good time part. She made me smile and remember when I was like that, a good time waiting to happen with a little bit of reckless thrown in for good measure.

A couple of days later the pink sticky note with my to do list on it had one thing crossed out on it,one and the evening was dwindling. I looked at the list and I thought about the wild young thing I am. Then I did what a sane woman does when she has worked too hard for too long, I revised my to do list. I added the most important thing of all, have fun. Then I emailed a friend, packed my boat and went kayaking.

I still have a to do list, with one difference. I've added time for fun to it. Time to be. Time to embrace that wild young thing who knows the value of fun. It's either fear or love, baby. That wild young thing, she lives in love, and I hope you do too.



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